What is DuinoTracker?

Duino tracker is an easy way to track and manage miners and your earnings. Using the Duino server API data is received and stored by Duino Tracker allowing you to see what your earnings are every minute, hour or over the course of 24 hours. Want to see what your ESP's hashrates are compaired to your other ESP's? Duino Tracker does that. Want to add a Pi4 to your mining platform? Then see how it affects your earnings. Thats what Duino Tracker does.

  • Duino Tracker is mobile compatible, pull it up on your phone.
  • We kept it lite, no fancy graphics just clear data and charts.
  • Track miners by their identifiers. See when the last time they were registered.
  • Trend miners hashrate over time.
  • Data saved every minute and every hour.
  • Graphs are clean and fast loading.
  • Backend Laravel 8.0, Frontend Bootstrap 4